Sunday, April 24, 2011

portfolio proposal

In the beginning of Professional Practice we were asked to design one page to represent some of our work. This was to help us begin working on our portfolios which were due a few weeks after this assignment. Here is my Portfolio Proposal.


For our Professional Practice class we collaborated with the third year students to help them come up with a business plan for a mock firm that they established. We worked on the branding and marketing for the firm. This is the leave behind that I designed for them to hand out during events and networking

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Research Paper


For Professional Practice we were asked to choose our own topic for a research paper. The topic had to do with a current trend in the design field. I chose to write about health care design and design for the aging because my internship deals with senior living design.

After researching, I have found that the elderly population will nearly double in the next 20 to 30 years. this means that the demand for healthcare, senior living, and universal design will increase dramatically.

My paper takes a look at some statistics and covers information on the new technology that the elderly may use to make their lives easier. I hope to continue learning more about new technology and materials that will be beneficial when I become a professional and can work on spaces that affect this older population.

Networking 2

Second event I attended for my Networking assignment was High Point Furniture Market. Everyone should go to this event. Its a place for furniture companies, and design companies to showcase their newest work, and a great place to meet other designers from all over the world. Even though I have lived near High Point for many years, I have never taken advantage of what the market has to offer. It's a good learning experience to see the newest styles and products. All the companies seemed to be going "green" and using sustainable materials.

While there, I met lots of Sales representatives for different companies. I learned that the sales reps can be the best people to connect with. This is because they know many different design firms, and become friends with hundreds of different designers. This can be helpful when you are trying to look for a company that is hiring or a new client that needs work done.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Since I will be graduating in almost one month, it's important that I start to network with professionals. This way I can be updated on job opportunities and get a chance to see whats out there in the professional world. Last month, I attended design day for IIDA at Momentum Textiles. I was able to network with professionals from the Triad and show them my portfolio to get feedback.

things I found beneficial:

Make sure your portfolio makes sense to people who don't know your projects.

Eye Contact and personality is important when in an interview

Table of Contents, and showing your name everywhere in your portfolio (that way they don't forget who you are)

Always send a thank you letter after an interview (in the mail, not digitally)

Mid Semester review

For my studio class, I have decided to design a restaurant/music venue/ student apartments in the historic hosiery mill located at 2610 Oakland ave in Greensboro. In my drawings, I am experimenting with sketchup podium and hand rendering over the top. I like the effect that has occurred and plan to use this in my final renderings as well.


As my school career is coming to an end, it's about time I put some of my work together in a portfolio. I have compiled my best projects together and this is the result...